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Unit 1: Introduction to BM

Business sectors: Click here
External growth- Franchise business model: Click here
SWOT analysis: Click here
SWOT analysis ( 2): Click here
Types of business growth: Click here
Business functions: Click here
Multinational Companies: Click here

Unit 3: HRM

Leadership styles: Click here

Unit 3: Finance

External sources of finance: Click here
Budgeting: Click here

Unit 4: Marketing

International marketing - Opportunities and challenges: Click here
Marketing mix - Pricing strategies: Click here
Marketing mix- People, Process and Physical evidence : Click here
Marketing research methods: Click here
The 7 Ps of marketing: Click here

Unit 5: Operations Management

Production methods:  Click here
Fixed cost and variable cost: Click here

Quiz Videos

Nature of Business and Business Sectors: Click here
Business entities: Click here
Business management key words quiz: Click here
Aims, Objectives, Missions and Vision statements  Quiz: Click here

Productivity Videos

Best teaching strategies for a dynamic classroom: Click here
Maximize your potential- Top 10 success tips for students: Click  here
ATL skills: Click here

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