How to Be A Good Learner?


Becoming well-educated is essential in the world we live in today. Because things and ideas change and develop quickly, you need to constantly develop and grow yourself and your abilities to stay connected to that progress.

Why do you always have to learn?

Working in the field of information technology makes you feel how quickly things are progressing, as not a week goes by without something new appearing in technology. So if you feel good about the skills you learned years ago, they will soon be obsolete.

This does not only happen in the field of technology, but also all other fields; Therefore, you must always constantly update your knowledge, information, and skills.

But how can we become effective learners? There are some characteristics of these learners that you can try to develop in yourself, including:

1.    The love of knowledge

The love of knowledge or curiosity is the fuel that determines how far you can reach. The more you love knowledge and knowledge, the more information you have and the more you can reach.

The love of knowledge makes a big difference in the learning process. If you are curious, then you will enjoy every piece of information you learn, and learning will become an adventure of exploration. As a result, you must work on that point and develop it. Over time, the gap between those who are passionate about science and those who are constantly developing themselves will decrease.

2.    Clarity of approach or direction

The book Exercising the Mind by Thomas Stirner is relatively short, but it gives a very useful perspective on how each of us can become a distinguished learner, and the writer stresses the importance of focusing on the learning process and not the final result.

To become as good a learner as you want; So you must be clear in your direction or approach, and put all your focus on becoming better and not the result of what you do in the end. For example, when learning music, instead of focusing and worrying about whether you will be able to play the instruments in the end or not? You must focus on improving your skills so that you can play a piece of music. Knowing the weak point and then training and working to improve it and get rid of it is better for you, and will help you reach the results you desire.

There are several benefits if you decide to think with this mindset, including:

ü  You reduce disappointment and frustration.

 Because if you focus only on the final result, you will be very disappointed if you do not get what you want, but if you focus on your journey to reaching that goal, you will not feel such a negative feeling, so always make your goal to develop and improve yourself as much as you can.

ü  Focus your energy on what's important

Because mastering a skill requires the expenditure of a lot of energy, so having a mindset directed to a specific path allows you to focus your energy on only what is important and useful, so you must learn not to waste your energy worrying about something that is beyond your control or ability.

ü  You will have a lot of patience to continue working and striving

Because if you focus on the final product only, you may not have the patience necessary to continue striving and working, so if you only want the result; You will work to obtain some extracts, then the bad consequences will appear, and then you will despair and give up continuing on the path.

On the other hand, if you focus on the journey of arrival or the path of pursuit, you will have the necessary patience, and you will be able to continue and continue, and in the end, you will get the desired results you want, and in addition to that, you will enjoy the journey.

3.    They apply what they learn

Learning anything always requires applying what is learned; For this reason, the learner must have a side project next to the study to apply what he learns. Working on a project takes a long time and energy; Therefore, you do not need to create a project for everything you use, but only the areas or things that you want to learn in depth.

4.    Retain what you learn and take notes

It is easy to forget what we have learned. So you need to think not only about how you acquire information but also how you retain it; when you lose any particular knowledge you should be able to reinstall it or retrieve it fairly easily.

Taking notes is an important method that people use, but make sure that the notes you take are effective, that is, they can refresh your memory about that topic in the shortest possible time. As for reading books, there is a good way to preserve information, which is to identify the main points of the book in color or otherwise. This makes it easy for you to review it again.

Having these four characteristics will help you become an outstanding learner, and provide you with the ability to adapt and contribute to changing the world.


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